Life at Miss Hall’sJan 11, 2024

updated Jan 25, 2024

Going the Extra Mile — and Adding a few Dad Jokes

The year’s first Pietas award presented to Dr. Doll

(Amy Inglis ’08 - Avida Love Photography)

Pietas Awards are presented to faculty and/or staff members who go above and beyond for the MHS Community.

The December 2023 Pietas was presented to Chemistry Teacher John Doll, Ph.D., who is also the JV Basketball Coach. From nominator Noya Samara ’26:

“For the longest time, I told myself I was not a science person. Naturally, when I stepped into the second-floor lab on the first day of classes, I dreaded it. Fast-forward to now, it is something I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday, but that doesn’t mean it is anything short of challenging. Dr. Doll goes out of his way to check on his students and make sure they understand the subject. He even makes sure to add in dad jokes and games, like Rat on a Scooter, for our entertainment. Putting in a lot of effort is one thing I have learned to do during my short time at Miss Hall’s, and, after barely a semester here, Dr. Doll has demonstrated what going the extra mile looks like, and he continues to do so every class. That is not only in teaching, as he does much more than that. I know that he is a great coach and an even better Spikeball player and club advisor. I am nominating Dr. Doll for this award because he has impacted the way I learn in such a short time, and he has impacted my commitment to becoming a better student and member of the MHS community, by setting an example with the effort he puts in for his students, athletes, and club advisees.”

Congratulations, Dr. Doll!

(Amy Inglis ’08 — Avida Love Photography)